About Troy

troy-mI’m a reformed knuckle-head who loves Jesus, my bride, His Bride, family, and diversity. I enjoy reading (especially old dead guys), hip-hop, anything audio engineering/production, and programming (the computer-nerd type of programming). I have a passion for going to the dark and raw places of the city and seeing the power of God move. Oh, and I like coffee—probably a little too much.

Since you’ve landed here at my blog, you’ve probably considered that I enjoy writing. City of God will be the place that I will post my thoughts and concerns regarding Christ, culture, and the city. Sometimes you may agree with what I write here, and at other times you may not. That’s ok! While I don’t expect that everyone will ascribe to the same beliefs that I do, you should know that what is posted here, will always be written under the authority of God, and His Word. Always. And if ever I sway from orthodoxy, or you feel that I’ve gotten something twisted, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Iron sharpens iron.

in Christ,

– Troy


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